I see my work as internal reflection made visible.

My paintings explore the extent – or limitations – of our efforts to contemplate our own experiences and the experiences of the people around us. Where’s the line between internal and external, cerebral and material, real and imagined? That’s the space my work explores.

My approach incorporates persistent experiments in style as a strategy for rendering fleeting moods, perceptions, fixations and beliefs into physical forms. The styles I employ can be interpreted as different ‘voices’, reflecting the stark or subtle variations in my emotional and intellectual response to different contexts. Each work can be understood as a form of self-therapy – the organisation of chaotic internal dialogue into a material, structured form brings about perceptual clarity, validation, deeper understanding; equally, each work opens a dialogue with the viewer, offering them unique opportunities for reflection on the questions my paintings pose.

A central premise of my work is celebration: ambiguity is championed, while the instinct to simplify and sanitise for easy consumption is resisted. Taken as a whole, my work is a miscellany of experience that salvages mental health differences as a strength.