Mirror- The Ripley arts centre, Bromley- 12th April – 20th May

I was asked by The Ripley Arts Centre in Bromley Kent to put on a solo exhibition of paintings. I made a new series of work with reflections in ripped glass and was called Mirror.

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Bethlem Museum of the Mind – Youtopia, Visions of the Past, Present and Future

A painting of mine called ‘Everything is Real Except God and Death’ which is in the Bethlem Museum of the Mind collection was selected by the Bethlem Museum of The Mind to be part of there exhibition ‘Youtopia’ on from the 17th February – 25th June. The word ‘utopia’ was coined by Sir Thomas More for a work of political satire he published in 1516, now five hundred years ago. […]

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Letting in the Light, Daily Life Ltd, Stratford

I was selected for an exhibition called Letting in the Light by Daily Life Ltd, an arts and mental health organisation based in Stratford. The show features 35 artists. The artists images are displayed and printed to make light boxes.

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A Labour of Love – Essay for The Lancet Psychiatry

The Lancet Psychiatry asked me to write an essay about my Mental Health, Life and Art for their December issue. Click on the pdf link to read the article. Insight article George Harding

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RWA Autumn Exhibition 2015

The RWA, Royal West Academy based in Bristol have an annual Autumn exhibition that I got selected for with my painting ‘I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him’. It is a Galileo quote that perfectly described my working relationship with my last boss.    

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Where is the work in a Work of Art?

I was involved in the exhibition Where is the work in the Work of Art? It was the first show at the new Bethlem gallery space and opening of the Bethlem Museum of the Mind. It revealed some of the stories processes and structures behind a diverse range of artists from the gallery and we were asked, “What takes place before, during and after the making of an artwork?” I […]

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The Lancet Psychiatry 2015 cover artist

The Lancet Psychiatry asked me to be their cover artist for 2015. It resulted in 12 monthly issues being published with a different image of mine on the front cover for each month.

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Art Leads to External Places

I was asked to exhibit in the inaugural exhibition at the Long Gallery at the Maudsley Hospital, Art Leads to External Places. It is about painting and its ability to transport the viewer to External Places through the image.

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Stokes Croft Mural Competition

People were asked to submit proposals for a mural to Facade Gallery for the wall at the Canteen in Bristol opposite Banksy’s The Mild Mild West, mural. There was an exhibition of the finalists which I was a part of where we had to show what the mural would look like. The winner was Cosmo Sarsons breakdancing Jesus.    

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Children of the Can

Children of the Can is an anthology of Bristol street art that I had the privilege of being featured in it under my graffiti name Hardie. It was made my Flx Felix Braun and published by Tangent books.  

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