I was involved in the exhibition Where is the work in the Work of Art? It was the first show at the new Bethlem gallery space and opening of the Bethlem Museum of the Mind. It revealed some of the stories processes and structures behind a diverse range of artists from the gallery and we were asked, “What takes place before, during and after the making of an artwork?” I exhibited a painting called Climbing Frame. I use collage and composition to set up scenes before painting so I set up an interactive mini studio where people were asked to take photos of their compositions and tweet them to me to paint. I also managed to meet Grayson Perry and Jarvis Cocker who came along to open the gallery and museum. I also have a piece of mine in the Bethlem Museum of the Mind and have postcards available of my painting Kehinde in the museum’s shop.

climbing frame (small)My painting Climbing Frame

IMG_1087_2The micro studio of objects along with my painting

five-thoughtsA example of a painting i did from a tweet.

Meeting Jarvis and Grayson who where guests at the opening of the Museum of the Mind and Bethlem Gallery

DSC01315Postcards of the painting Kehinde, available at the Bethlem Museum of the Mind shop.