Art – Series

The Painted Path showcases painted landscapes I made along a journey of the South West Coastal Path. I focused on the joy of looking to nature for inspiration and purpose. Across two trips, I travelled from Ilfracombe to Newquay, and later travelled from Newquay to Falmouth, painting ‘en plein air’ meaning ‘out of doors’ in French, referring to the practice of painting entire finished pictures outside.

During lockdown I have been working in a care home where I have painted the staff and clients. The oil painted portraits and drawings celebrate people with disabilities highlighting their humanity and importance. They are strongly influenced by the French Romantic painter Theodore Gericault.

My portraits capture my interest in the person and celebrates who they are. My self portraits, often distorted in rippled glass and misted mirror, serve as a metaphor for reality and what lies beyond our physical selves.

My abstract paintings are about the fun and enjoyment of painting in a meditative state involving colour and texture.

My plein air paintings are quick sketches that are about the enjoyment and enrichment of the natural world and improving my observational skills as a painter.

I use signs and symbols to make narrative and autobiographical paintings, converging meaning and making poetic and philosophical statements.

My reliefs are about the joy of looking, scrutinising and exploring surface and depth. These art works are a byproduct derived from my original oil paintings. The imagery is fragmented and distorted over layers of perspex or embedded within resin.

I distort and fragment pop icons showing another side to pop art and culture. It reveals the fragility and temporal nature of all beings.

My street art is about the projection of self in different environments.